last post of 2010.

as crappy as this year has been,
i know i'm going to have an amazing NYE with my loved ones so...
i'm ending 2010 with a semi-optimistic message:
i can't wait to par-tay!


building my dream house.

today's theme: kitchens

i found this amazing website that features artists (designers, illustrators, painters etc.)
it has interviews with these people and also features their workspace and apartments.
it's amazing how much you can tell about a person from just one area of their home
although i don't spend a lot of time in the kitchen,
it happens to be one of my favorite spots in terms of design and styling.


black swan.

natalie portman was almost perfection in black swan.

white winter.

these are two different editorials,
but i couldn't help but see a lot of similarities.
i especially love the use of the white lace.
and the first photograph with the feathers, is heaven~



swing dress done right.

wearing dior.

in calvin klein.

never let me go premiere.