black swan affair.

as much as i love both actresses,
i feel very underwhelmed by their outfits.




love the mix of the soft gowns and menswear.


time travel.

a few years ago it was an 80s flashback.
and following it was a late 80s early 90s grunge revival.
and now i'm seeing and obsessing over the comeback of the
60s prints and 70s silhouette.
i never really liked the whole short and tight look.
not my thing, unless it's a balenciaga dress.
so i'm really embracing the flowyness and freedom.



kate bosworth,
promoting the warrior's way.
loving everything.


two layers.

i'm obsessed with this look.


dazed and confused.

just one of those days, when i feel like i've lost a bit of my sanity.


story time.

i'm currently sitting next to an unsuspecting grandpa at borders. for a while he was furiously turning the pages, of what seems to be a medical book. he finally stopped and i looked over to see what was so urgent and important to this poor old man. and i immediately regretted the decision, because the chapter was titled: Producing Hormones. i don't know whether to laugh or be sad.

on one hand it's pretty messed up to laugh at old people, but then again i find old people hilarious! there's a reason why people love betty white right now. there's nothing funnier, than a sweet old lady dishing the most crass, inappropriate jokes. not that, that has anything to do with the situation i'm currently witnessing.

young hollywood.

leighton meester, carey mulligan and blake lively
at vogue's fashion fund awards.

i'm pretty sure i hate all three outfits. and i'm usually a fan of mulligan's style.