kate bosworth.

wearing proenza schouler.


must have color.
and in dress form.
everyone already has the cargo pants.



so i bought a leopard jumpsuit recently...
and i'm seriously debating on whether it's wearable or not.



runaway movie.

the movie is definitely long and i don't imagine most people to sit through it all.
but you have to watch the ballerina scene,
it starts at 13:50.
it's breathtaking.

gemma ward is back!

and scene.


for the dreamer.

"i'm sad that i will not be with you on your day of birth. this card will have to suffice, for now. thank you for being an honest friend to me. i am happy to have you in my life. here's to many more years of friendship. xoxo."

it's the last thing you wrote me. miss you.



living in socal, it's hard for me to want to invest in a jacket.
it's usually never that cold,
and even when it is, the winter season is so short
i really see no point in spending a lot of money on a jacket.
but 2 years ago, i invested in a real leather jacket (and it was pretty expensive for my taste)
and it's the best decision i've ever made.
it's black, a little oversized, and motorcycle cut
and i wear it with absolutely everything.

and my love for leather continues
as leather makes it way to being the staple of almost every article of clothing.
i've been loving the leather shorts, skirts and even the dress.


givenchy and mcqueen.

so beautiful, it's painful.


daria in the desert.

i know the whole hard, metal, spiky, shiny thing is slowly leaving fashion
but i love daria in this set.
she's amazing.



i miss dreaming.
i miss wanting to be whimsical.
i want to run away to paris.




only getting 5 hours of sleep for the past 2 days has been turning me into a very ugly person.
i'm too way too sensitive and can't be bothered by anyone.
but of course i've been extremely insensitive toward those around me.
this is not a good look for me.
that being said, knowing i have another sleepless night ahead of me isn't helping.
bless the hearts of those who have the strength to deal with me.

scream awards 2010.

kate bosworth.


keira knightley.

at the premiere of her new film never let me go.

kate bosworth.



i've been hunting for a cute long, maxi dress,
but can't find the right one.
this is turning out to be harder than i thought.


GIllian Zinser.

i just discovered this actress.
apparently she is on the show 90210.