i think i've moved on from zanessa,
to when. or bhit?
whatever, ben and whit are too adorable for words.


(fashion gone rogue)



i can not get enough of tlc's "say yes to the dress."
that is the one show that convinces me that i should get married.
i wonder if that's a bad thing.
i think it's because all these women,
in that specific moment where they are wearing the wedding gowns,
are so sure about marriage.
they truly believe that they are marrying the man of their dreams.
and they are sure that life after marriage will be happily ever after.
there is no doubt about it in their minds.
and i think i'm fascinated by it.
but also very moved by it as well.






love love LOVE her shoes.


emma watson

she has a way with fashion
that is effortless and easy.


not so complex.

just watched "valentine's day"
which is essentially a very bad version of "love actually"
but nonetheless enjoyable.
it just reminded me again how people just want to be loved.
it's so simple.
yet we make it so difficult for ourselves and those around us.




i need to go to nyc twice a year.
just for kate moss' top shop collection.

movie scene.

my friend and i had a book club in high school.
we were the only memebers haha
we would go to the bookstore every week or so, choose one, read and discuss.
we also read a lot of "oprah's bookclub" books.
and i won't lie... i didn't like a lot of them.

(vogue china)


harry potter glasses making a comeback?
good thing i have a pair!
new moca director jeffrey deitch.




is carey mulligan the new michelle williams?
ps. love michelle william's look.




another day of looking fab in the life of kate.
ces't la vie.






whit and ben!

can't say i love the dress, 
but someone with her height and weight ratio can pull it off.
but on to the more important issue here,  
whit and ben (from the buried life) as a couple!
i seriously love all the guys from the buried life
watching that show made me want to be a guy.
i know that's really weird for me to say, but only guys could do stuff like that and make it fun, charming, funny, cute and inspirational.
but anyways, could there be a cuter, nicer couple in the world?

(styleite, hillsfreak)



kate beckinsale in marchesa.


i'm addicted to the city.
of course i love whit and her style,
but it's all about kelly cutrone!
i wish she were my mentor and would shark attack my enemies for me.
and who else enjoyed watching olivia
get her ass handed back to her on a platter by joe zee?!
she's a delusional, ignorant, self- righteous biotch.
wow, can someone really be all those things?
well she's also very skinny and pretty, so you know God is fair.



diane and josh.

i'm such a diane kruger stalker.
joshua jackson looks kind of like alexander skarsgard here.
which i don't mind.
not at all.


diane kruger.

in chanel.
(i wish i could find a better picture of this dress)


no matter what anyone says,
leopard is always in.


mens fashion.

european men know how to do fashion
without overdoing it, or under-doing it.
i think in general europeans have a more natural and graceful approach to fashion.
for some reason they don't have to comb their hair, or even shower and they throw some clothes together, step outside and they somehow manage to look chic.


reality vs. expectations.

i forget that there are so many things in life to look forward to.
when i get caught up in my own life i feel as if life is way too long
but then i take a step back and see how short it really is.
and i see how little time we have to make sure we live it the way we are supposed to.
and i know it's a bit ambiguous because how do we know what we're "supposed" to do?
but i guess that's the beauty of it
figuring it all out.





kate bosworth.


inside daria werbowy's place.
it's pretty amazing right?
i've often thought about how i would decorate my own place, when the time comes.
i honestly can't wait until i have my own space to call home.
right now home is just a room.
but when the moment arrives where i take that step towards building my own life,
that'll be an exciting day.
scary but very exciting.




my sartorialist moment.
sometimes i enjoy looking at street fashion more than editorials.
its a way for me to see how people take what they see on the runway and make it work for them.
i'd like to say that these "street chic" pictures are the everyday woman's runway but let's face it, most the girls featured in these posts might as well be models.
or are actual models on their break.
oh well, tis fashion.

(google, elle uk, the sartorialist, newsen)



for those who still watch mtv's the city.
they featured new, up and coming photographer zach hyman.
he and roxy had to do a photoshoot with random people on the street wearing jeremy scott.
i fell in love with his photography.
i wanted to post his pictures here but since i can't here's a link to his website.

flower power.



all about after.

if there's one thing i like to see more than red carpet pics, it's the behind the scene photos.
even though everyone looked amazing in their to-die-for gowns,
i'm sure the dresses were constricting and shoes were uncomfortable.
because even though they're celebs and models, they're still human.
all women suffer in high heels and too tight dreses.
it's a blessing and a curse.

(huffington post, style.com)