rachel bilson

see through.

so many things i love about this picture.
but mostly her skirt.
i remember hating on this trend a little while ago,
but now i'm loving how bold it is.


on top.

and my obsession with hats continues.


sky high.

tall hats and even taller shoes.
i love.



his response to the interviewer's statement,
"there's no such a thing as love, it's a fantasy":

"of course there's such a thing as love. everything is made of love. but i think what there's no such thing is... the love that other people tell you about. the love that you hear about from movies, or from songs, or from your friends or from our parents. you can take what you want and leave the rest from those notions of love. but there's no love except the one that you feel for yourself. and its different for everyone."


more fashion week.

i was in new york last year during fashion week
when it was at bryant park for the last time.
my friend and i sat at a table there with coffee and pastries
and model watched.
i love seeing what they wear before or after the show.


she and him.

every so often i'll go through a she&him phase
where i listen to their music for about 3 hours straight.
and of course zooey always reminds me of joseph gordon-levitt,
which makes me think about 500 days of summer.

i also love the l.a. portrayed in 500 days.
it's not too glitzy, it's not too real and dirty, it just is.
this is the l.a. i want to live in.



the awesomeness that is jeremy scott.
look, he even has wings~



fell in love with this editorial.
it is officially fall.




late spring to early fall.